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In Search of Truth: Georgia’s Criminal Justice Reform is a short documentary by Dignity Unbound that tells the story of Truth Graf’s road to renewal. 

Truth went from PTA president to a prison cell. A series of stressful and traumatic events culminated in Truth’s drug addiction, and she spent seven years in prison. 

Yet through all of this, she found redemption and renewal.

It wasn’t easy, but through hard work and resolve, Truth has dedicated her life to giving back to the community and making a difference. She now serves as a Peer Recovery Specialist for Fulton County Superior Court helping men and women avoid prison through their drug court recovery program.

Truth is a passionate advocate for justice reform. 

And Georgia Center for Opportunity is one of the local nonprofits helping make a difference. 

In a state like Georgia, criminal justice reform, prisoner reentry, and community reintegration are more important than ever. 

Georgia had led the U.S. with one in 13 adults being under some form of correctional supervision. After a concerted effort by the state—in partnership with organizations such as Georgia Center for Opportunity—that number is now one in 19 and is trending in a positive direction.

Georgia Center for Opportunity is one of Dignity Unbound’s leading nonprofit local partners addressing this and many other vital issues in their community. 

They work with Truth and others like her to help bridge the gaps between recovery and community reintegration, among other things. They work with local companies ready to hire the formerly incarcerated because far too many individuals coming out of prison lose hope and fall back into illegal activity the longer they are unable to work. Georgia Center for Opportunity is also leading on reforms in licensing for the formerly incarcerated because too many laws restrict the formerly incarcerated from being licensed for various professions.

dignity unbound: in search of truth

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