You are invited to join Dignity Unbound on Friday, October 16 at 12:00PM ET for the world premiere of the short documentary Education Reimagined: The Journey of West Virginia. After the screening of the 9-minute short documentary, there will be a live Q&A discussion with the film’s subjects. This virtual event is free, but an RSVP is required to watch the premiere and live post-screening Q&A.

Watch The Trailer:

Post Screening Q&A Panelists: 

Rev. Matthew J. Watts
Garrett Ballengee, Executive Director of the Cardinal Institute for WV Policy
Matt Warner, President of Atlas Network and President of Dignity Unbound
Casey Pifer, Director of Institute Relations at Atlas Network

Virtual Premiere Schedule

12:00PM ET – Welcome Introduction
12:05PM ET – Virtual Movie Premiere of Education Reimagined
12:15PM ET – Live Q&A Discussion
12:45PM ET – Event Ends

About The Movie:

Education Reimagined: The Journey of West Virginia is a 9-minute short documentary by Dignity Unbound that tells the story of how West Virginia’s education system went from failing its students to helping them thrive, thanks in part to the innovative solutions championed by the Cardinal Institute of West Virginia Policy. 

West Virginia’s education system had terrible test scores, high dropout rates and by most measures was simply lagging behind. Despite spending more than the national average per student, the state’s education system provided no flexibility and was failing its students. Enter the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy, a non-profit founded in 2014, committed to identifying solutions and fostering innovation to champion West Virginia’s economic turnaround.

In addition to advocating for education savings accounts, to increase flexibility within the education system, the Cardinal Institute was instrumental in the state’s 2019 decision to allow the establishment of three charter schools. Cardinal continues to work to increase the flexibility that parents and students have available to them. The film features West Virginia parents, like Jennifer, who homeschools her three sons. Her oldest struggled in public school after he was not given the tailored approach his dyslexia required. She now tutors five students with dyslexia. The film also follows Rev. Matthew J. Watts, who has been a leader in his West Charleston community for decades and has advocated for education reform for as many years.

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